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Alumni unpad hukum forex


Unpad has lost one of alumni unpad hukum forex best law school professors. Born on January 9, 74 years ago, Prof.

Otje Salman Soemandiningrat passed away today, in Bandung at 7. Last rite was held in the afternoon in the lobby of the Rectorate building in Jatinangor. Otje Salman has given beautiful colors to the development of law school in Unpad. With his excellent expertise in law sociology, he dedicated his life for this university.

Otje Salman had served as civil servant in Unpad since 1969. Present in the last rite were colleagues, friends, and staff, beloved widow, Dr. It is one of the leading law schools in Indonesia that produces many distinguished experts. In line with its development, the faculty represents Unpad basic identity as an active contributor in education world. Bina Mulia Hukum dan Lingkungan Hidup dalam Pembangunan Nasional. The establishment of Legal Clinics Laboratory is one of featured programs in FH. In improving the Faculty performance, competent lecturers become  the main support to enhance  the quality of educational practices, students’ activities and scientific forum in both national and international level.

No less important, the number of international journal publication cooperating with various public and private, domestic and foreign institutions. Students have been actively participated and achieved many awards in moot court competition, legal debates, student exchanges, seminars, and many other events. Alumni involvement is further increased in many collaborative campus events such as law workshops, trainings, scholarships, and book donations to Mochtar Kusumaatmadja Library. Indonesia University of Education was established on October 20, 1954 in Bandung, and was officially inaugurated by the Indonesian Minister of Education, Mr.

In its early establishment, the main building of early Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia was initially only a relic villa named Isola which had been existed prior to the World War II. In the struggle era against Dutch colonialism, this building was used as the headquarter of freedom fighters. During early period of Indonesia’s independence in 1940s, it was then renovated and changed into a magnificently artistic Bumi Siliwangi Building. Faculty of Education, Faculty of Social Science Education, Faculty of Literature and Arts Education, Faculty of Science Education, and Faculty of Technical Education. Considering the increasing demand for teachers as well as the need for teachers’ quality improvement and equity, IKIP Bandung opened up extension classes in various cities all over West Java province.