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A Guide to Installing the Factory Centre Differential Lock in the Discovery 2                      Have you got the Hardware inside ? The Discovery 2 Centre Diff Lock was not offered as an “in cab” driver control as it was “phased” out as the Traction control ABS system was introduced in the Discovery dzwignia forex factory. However many of the earlier Discovery 2’s still have the Centre differential lock installed in the transfer case and it just simply needs connecting up. The picture above shows the dash light that lights up when the diff lock is engaged.

To determine if you have the option to enable the diff lock you must find out if your transmission has a 41D or 42D prefix on its serial number. For those of you that have the Land Rover parts catalogue, this can seen in the “vehicle details” section as you load up the Microcat parts IPC with your vehicle reg No, or chassis ident number. As a “rough” guide, Land Rover Discovery 2’s up to approx March 2001 will most likely have the diff lock hardware in the transfer case and will require just the factory, or an electronic linkage to enable it. We will look at the options later on. So, here we go, my car is an automatic model, the manual version should be almost identical with a few less plugs etc to remove. Simply use firm finger pressure to un-clip the Transfer lever leather boot in the upward direction, the same would apply to the manual lever, on an auto use a flat blunt tool to lift it slowly and un-clip it all round taking care not to damage the trim, in particular if you have a wood trim. The Auto box mode switch needs to be unplugged now, this is a lever type plug, as you move the lever the plug disconnects automatically.

Once the gaiters are free, simply unscrew the Transfer lever nob and gaiter, the auto box nob is just a push fit. Make sure the car is selected to “D” and then using a firm force pull the nob straight up and of the lever being careful not to smack yourself in the head ! Now carefully prize out the handbrake gaiter from the console, its easier to remove the top first. Now you will be disconnecting the handbrake cable, and because you WILL move the gearlever many times out of your way during the install, ensure the car is parked on flat and level ground or CHOCK it ! Once the foam is out the way, then i would suggest removing the 2 heater ducts that run to the rear vents. Before you can  get any more access, you have to remove the 4 bolts securing the transfer lever to the plate.