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Find some of the answers below. What is the difference between End-forex agency advisor ii-Day and Real-Time? We have products designed specifically for each type of trader. The historical data goes back at least 15 years.

The symbol database only has the FOREX pairs. Also, the program does not include the Power Pivots indicator or volume based indicators, and does not come with a historical data CD. If the subscription is cancelled, neither the software nor the data feed are accessible. Call our sales team if you would like more information on additional data providers.

Do I have to use your data feed? No, although we recommend using our data feeds, both our real-time and end-of-day software products work with several different data feeds. For our end-of-day customers, any combination of daily bars can be displayed. 0 and earlier versions are not Vista compatible. 0 or earlier versions on Vista is not recommended, nor will it be supported by Equis. 1, released March 2007 is Vista compatible.

Which Plug-In would work best for me? Each Plug-In serves a specific purpose, so it depends on what type of analysis you want to do. Which Plug-In works for real-time or EOD? However, the table below shows what we recommend. Price Headley’s Big Trends Toolkit 2. It includes custom indicators, explorations, system tests, and expert advisors that focus on trading currency pairs. System requirements are listed under the left-side menu for each product.

Can I download and install the software after I purchase it or do I need to have it shipped? In addition to downloading these products, you can also choose to have a package shipped to you that includes the software CD and manual. The manual is also available as a PDF in the software installation. For products that are not downloadable, a package must be shipped. From PE Rations and Earnings per Share to Dividend Yield and Shares Outstanding, the list of fundamental data is comprehensive and categorized. Six new alerts for the RMO, including buy above high, sell below low, new blue bar, new red bar, entering bullish zone, and entering bearish zone. Click here to try it out for 30 days free!