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Probably the best software I’ve seen futuros ibex ig markets forex charting. But since I often have to trade away from my home computer, I use Tradingview a lot. Hi Andrew, I use Pro real time through IG, can’t say I’ve ever had a problem with their charting facilities. I primarily day trade, but also run my SIPP and use IG’s charts to make assist me in making and monitoring my investments.

I do and can highly recommend it. But you have to be a bit careful with your PC, they recommend to use it with Google Chrome and it is important to have good RAM memory. Apart from that, I can not remember any problems in more than two years I have been using it. Make sure you cancel the subscription if you are planning to go on holidays or not trading for a while.

The money goes out the first day of the month and you don’t get it back if you cancel the subscription during that month. But better you check the current prices on the site. I haven’t taken the leap yet, but I spoke to one guy at IG, and he said it was possible. I called back for more information a bit later, and the second guy didn’t know anything about it!

Has anyone else tried this yet? It looks alright and easier to use, but I am under the impression that it would be more suitable for people who can not keep an eye on the screens frequently. You can design your own strategies and leave them “working for you” while you are not at your PC. Or you can copy strategies from somebody else and use them. You can activate this service going to “your account” then “settings” and then activate “Pro Order in Pro Real Time”.