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This website is operated by IFCMARKETS. All the money works with IFC Markets! CFD terms is necessary for traders to understand complex terminology. Forex market overview and daily news from gold forex forecast free world of finance and business.

Market sentiment helps market participants gauge the market’s leaning. Our technical analysis will give you an edge over other traders. Get latest financial and business news from around the world. Follow the latest and upcoming events as an indication of possible changes in global markets. Make analysis using our live charts of various assets. Risk Warning Notice: Your capital is at risk.

Leveraged products may not be suitable for everyone. IFC Markets does not provide services for United States and Japan residents. Please consider our Risk Disclosure Notice for IFCMARKETS. Risk Disclosure Notice for IFCM CYPRUS Ltd. Gold forecast Today’s gold forecast is all depend on job data. Gold signal Yesterday we posted in our gold forecast that gold is in positive zone and do not sell.

Instead buy in dips and trade with buy and avoid sell in this major commodity. A good day for our gold signal subscribers. We asked them to buy this precious metal yesterday. Silver price analysis Comex silver price recovered from lows of 16. 36am IST prices are cruising at 16. It has made high of 16. Silver analysis Comex silver price trying to push our hurdle of 16.

Currently prices are struggling to even cross 16. A good support on silver chart stands at 16. Dow Jones signal A good day for our Dow Jones Index signals subscribers, Last night we asked them to sell wall street. It crashed beautifully from our selling point and our subscribers exited at our target.