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The Octavo Systems OSD3358-SM combines the TI 3358 Sitara processor, 512MB of RAM, power management and EEPROM. In the photo above, this package has a white label and dominates hackaday bitcoin price circuit board. You can also compile a kernel from scratch, set up U-boot, and build a file system on the SD card. You can also use a FTDI serial adapter such as the Adafruit FTDI Friend.

The diagram may seem confusing at first, since each pin has up to three different functions shown. Note that the diagram shows the headers from the component side of the board, not the silkscreened side of the board. GPIO 59 is on the right in the diagram and on the left below. So make sure you’re using the right header!

One tricky feature of the Sitara processor is that each pin has up to eight different functions. The solution is a pin mapping system that lets the user choose which functions are available on each pin. If you need to change a pin assignment from the default, the config-pin command will modify pin mappings. Some examples will be given below. Pins can also be configured at boot time using a “U-Boot overlay”.