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See more trades and director dealings. Play the Fantasy Share Trading Game. Please login or register to post a message on Share Chat. The first part of that equation looks to be eminently achievable. Unsurprisingly institutional investors are looking to increase there position here, the results continue to impress and the share price lags, it’s great news for investors who are still doing their due diligence and research.

The lack of activity in the chat is indicative of the fact that the market isn’t currently awake to the severity of the opportunity here. Good to see more institutional interest. Are we going to see share price appreciation as a result? Always thought that the majority of shares are tightly held. Really want the share price to drop a little, which could happen with a few small sells. I’m keen to load up on more shares.

Marketing companies are always the first to feel the pain and the last to recover. 40m in the same time frame. For more analysis on Mission Market, along with the Card Factory and Belvoir Lettings. I shall be carrying out further analysis once I get a chance to really read the entirety of the results.

I’m hoping the price falls back in the next few days as I’m keen to continue building my holdings here. It’s slightly selfish but with a holding horizon of 3-5 years I’m not an investor who thinks much about the sale price. My portfolio diversification preference is 6 equities so I’ll be focusing on building positions and only really selling if the price suddenly reflects fair value or if it’s efficient to recognise my gains and other opportunities are better value. The decision to delay results until April has given “David” the chance to comment on the first quarter trading, which is far more important than the already predicted results. The progress this year and beyond will eventually give us what Twiddler is predicting.