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I’m so pleased with its performance. Hello Support, I have had Forex Auto Millions running for a few months now with a 1k account. This is a great robot that is always winning. Just like to say this has to be one of the best robots I have used as it works 14 trades last week all in the money plus the support from yourself has been first class just wished I had found this out before I had bought such rubbish, lesson learnt. Thank you again for all your help.

By the way 34 trades 34 wins. Hi, you did a great job in coding this software. I can rest assured that it will continue to be profitable. Before you leave for Singapore, check with your bank to see if it partners with banks internationally to avoid penalties. There are no incentives for the INR to resume its appreciation. Another bubble in the Asian region could dent recovering markets and lead to another recession. This local incorporation allowed DBS to compete with domestic banks in retail services by offering its customers Yuan-denominated products.