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Ask these people questions to improve your own trading. Watch Pro Traders Watch from over the shoulders of pro traders – watch real-time video updates and ask questions naked forex pdf members-only webinars. Trading Systems Learn trading systems from other profitable traders in the community. Watch them pull profits from the market and get the logic behind these strategies.

Trading Psychology A profitable trading mindset is different to a successful approach to business, athletics or even investing. Successful trading involves a completely unnatural approach. Get specific trading psychology tools and techniques from the Trading Psychology course and webinars inside the forum. Risk Management Do you know the one thing that determines the performance of hedge funds? Trading is a game of risk, and if you don’t know the rules, you are bound to lose. Get risk management techniques from the videos and courses in the forum.

The Forum has changed my thinking completely. The amount of information inside is impressive, and is built up logically. Three years ago, I was in the stage of looking for the golden system. The forum has provided me with a platform to make money from FX, the ability to discuss strategies, to discuss psychological barriers all in an honest friendly environment mediated by Walter Peters who has always given his time generously to help. I have been a member for nine months and came here with no trading knowledge or experience whatsoever.

This community has helped me progress as a trader, and I could not have wished for a better place to start my trading journey. I will be sticking around a litter longer. I joined the Forum in the beginning of 2015, so I’ve been a member for about 2 years. These two years with Walter and other excellent traders in the Forum have taught me that there is no one best system which makes you rich, but to be successful, you have to find the trader inside of you.

I am starting this thread for those of us who love chartswatching themstudying themanalyzing them and of course, making money from them. It is a basic trend following one using the weekly, daily and H4 charts. I have made a goodly amount of money using this system, although I cannot say that I “discovered” it. 99 special offer for the holy grail.

I have followed several threads on FF, some with more success than others, have downloaded about every indicator known to man. I do not have my ego involved in this thread, as I have noticed many “thread starters” do. I have been a successful attorney for many years and have no need to prove anything to either myself or to others. I do believe in helping others though, and can think of no better way than by sharing my little knowledge with other like minded traders, hoping that we all become even more successful together. I post on two other forums on FF and have had many traders ask about my trading and chartsso many in fact, that I thought it was a good time to set the method down once and for all so that I would no longer have to individually respond to private messages and emails, regarding same. TRADE ANY MARKET SESSION THAT MAKES SENSE FOR YOUR LIFESTYLE. DON’T WORRY ABOUT WHICH MARKET IS OPEN, WHICH IS CLOSED.

H4 candlestick chart with period separators. That’s itall there is to it! It is the Almost Naked chart which is the foundation of all of the trading set-ups which I will discuss below. This is the most important part of this method. Perhaps, the easiest way to do this is to attach the RSI Arrow Indicator to your charts. It is important that you develop the ability to confirm the RSI directions without using an indicator because you should visually verify the positioning of the RSI on the H4, Daily, and Weekly charts before entering a trade.