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Europe Protests erupt in Romania over gold mine Romania is currently witnessing the largest environmental protests in its post-Communist history. Across the country, thousands of people have taken to the streets in protest of Europe’s largest gold mine. They take our gold, and we get cyanide,” they shout. Demonstrators that range from environmentalists to parents with their children, students, poorly clad pensioners, and well-off looking middle class citizens have been protesting in Bucharest for days now. Their signs read: “Treason in exchange for a bit of money! These people fear that the use of poisonous substances in the Rosia Montana mining project will cause severe damage.

Activists have blocked a central square in Bucharest. The protests are to continue for the next week. It is great to see that social consciousness is ever growing here, and that it is manifesting itself on the street,” Green Member of Parliament, Remus Cernea, told DW. Romanian environmental organizations called the protests after the government gave the go-ahead to the project last week. The Rosia Montana gold mine, Europe’s largest, had been on hold for the past 14 years.