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The Weizmann Institute of Science recently revealed a new gene belonging to the tumor suppressor gene group, RASA2, which is driving a particular deadly subset of melanomas for patients with dysfunctioning RAS pathways. The understanding of this yardena samuels weizmann forex tumor suppressor gene type has the potential to open news doors in the knowledge of the cancer’s growth and as guidance toward future treatments. The study1 comes after Yardena Samuels, PhD of the Institute’s Molecular Cell Biology Department and her team searched their database of more than 500 melanoma genomes and exomes for protein-building sequences. The database explores the targeted genes crucial to understanding the cancer’s biology and is the largest to date.

The identification of targetable alterations in melanoma is an urgent need. Nouar Qutob, PhD, a postdoctoral fellow in Samuels’ lab and participant in the research, in a statement. Through examination and cloning of the normal protein and the mutated versions, the team found that the RASA2 regulated a key component of the cell, the RAS. The RAS is a part of the cell that has been known to contribute to unchecked cell growth.

Upon restoring the production of protein in the cells that contained RASA2 mutations, the team discovered that cells stopped growing and died. According to the research, the mutation of the RASA2 was discovered in 5. Researchers indicated that patients with dysfunctional RAS pathways generally have a worse prognosis than patients with other types of melanoma. Scientists have yet to discover any treatments plans targeted specifically to the RAS pathway.